• Ash Seddeek

Welcome to the Ask Ash Live Champions Nation

This community is all about you and your success! Join us as we build a movement and a team of winners! We're going to OWN IT, WIN IT and CRUSH IT.
The OWN IT, WIN IT and CRUSH IT Success Formula will be the foundation for all of our actions and philosophy of starting and running successful businesses and careers.
I am honored to join  you on your journey.

With every one of you, I want us to start a movement to achieve millions of dollars in revenue and profits for businesses each one of us will start and grow. In turn the goal is to help us improve our lives and the lives of those around us: our families and our communities.

Another part of our foundational principles is a personal vow that: "if it’s to be, it starts with me." That’s you, me and everyone who wants to grow as a winner, start a successful business, sustain the business and grow it even more.

Who am I targeting? If the following describes you, then I look forward to working with you!

I am very passionate about helping early to mid-career entrepreneurs who want to strike out on their own, pursue their passion but just don't know where to start. My goal would be to show you the way and sit right next to you and listen to your burning questions and work with you to find the most effective answers and fastest paths to cash.

Champions Success Bootcamp

Our first program is the Champions Success Bootcamp which a series of free Facebook live cast sessions focused on helping entrepreneurs:

- Getting Organized: Taking the first steps
- Launching the business: How to get out of the gate sooner than later
- Sustaining the business: the systems that will help your business survive the good and the bad times
- Growing your business: the strategies and tactics that will help grow the business beyond just you, so you can live the lifestyle you desire and start doing a lot more

Remember this is not going to be done to you but rather with you. We want you to send us your questions by submitting them via Facebook messages or via email to….ash@askashlive.com
We will then address the questions during the live casts and yes you can ask questions live as well.

We are going to be doing these sessions over the next few weeks. Here is the schedule so you can block the time on your calendars. Remember if it’s to be, it starts with YOU!

Feb 17 3:30 PM PST now available on our Facebook page
Feb 24 3:30 PM PST
March 3 3:30 PM PST
March 10 3:30 PM PST

We will be broadcasting on Facebook live, answering your questions live. I will be sitting with a group of people like you answering some of their questions as well so you’ll feel we’re all in one big room having a for-real conversation about how to make things happen. Call it the Real Hustle or where champions are born.

Here is some background on me:

Ash Seddeek is an Amazon Best Selling Author. He is a success and leadership speaker and author. He is the expert on top 1% Sales Winners and Leadership Strategies and Behaviors in high tech and other industries. Founder of the Top 1% Sellers Factory: a consulting and training firm for Fortune 500 and start-up companies.

Ash worked for Fortune 500 companies such as Deloitte Consulting, Oracle and Cisco Systems on top 1% leadership development, strategic account manager sales training and strategic content for large scale corporate experiences such as Cisco Global Sales Experience and the Partner Summit with 25000 annual attendees.

Ash also founded Fremont Consulting, a boutique consulting services firm that he developed into a 7-figure revenue business with benchmark clients including HP, SAP America, HGST and, Trustmetrics among others.

Ash is co-author of the forthcoming book: MEANING: How Leaders Create Meaning and Clarity during Times of Crisis and Opportunity. You can get his first book: Start with a Vision on Amazon. He just published his new book: Road To Success with Jack Canfield. Ash shares his Own it. Win it. Crush it Profit Success Formula in the book and is available for speaking engagements.


Ash studied at Harvard & Stanford Business Schools & has an MBA from the Leavey Business School at Santa Clara University.